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This Weeks Announcements

Updated: 4 days ago

Here is where you will find all of Little Cedars weekly announcements. This page will be updated weekly, so make sure to check back for updates!

Announcements as of July 14th, 2024

Bible Studies

-Sunday School: Please join us before Sunday Services at 9am for our weekly Sunday School

-Mens Bible Study: Bible study meets at the church Saturday mornings at 7:30am

-Woman's Afternoon Bible Study: Bible study will meet at Valentines Thursday at 1:30

Special Events

Our Ice Cream Social will Be Sunday, August 18th heere at the church, all are welcome.

Donation Opportunities

-Would you like to donate to Little Cedar Church? Donations are accepted through our PO Box. Please mail to PO Box 201, Little York IL, 61453. Thank You!

Our Prayer Blanket Mission

-Many have felt the the comfort of a blanket given with prayers. Out prayer blanket Mission is in need of funds. Contact Doris Lee, or send us a message online, and/or notate donation for "Prayer Blankets".

Prayer List

-Do you have someone you would like to add to our prayer list? If so, please contact an elder or Mary Ann Free with prayer concerns, Mary Ann's cellphone number is 309-368-2674. You may also send us a message online.

Volunteer Opportunities

-A list is on the bulletin board of those who are asked to be greeters

-Volunteers are needed for Children's Sermon

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First Sunday of Advent THIS Sunday. Time for Something New! Live stream at 10am Nov. 29!


Please pray for Marilyn Johnson, Gladys Free's sister, who is ill at this time!

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