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Little Cedar's Prayer List (Updated Weekly)

Updated: 5 days ago

Here is where you will find the weekly prayer list for Little Cedar attendees, and the community. Please keep an eye on this page for updates regarding prayer concerns.

Prayer list from March 19th, 2023

Don Fredrickson 3/19

Jude Smith 3/19

Mark Blackman 3/19

Johnny (Bobbie Cooper's Brother) 3/19

Gary Gaskill 3/12

Deagan Fenton 3/12

Trevor Johnson 3/12

Dennis Patterson 03/05

Ashley Feight 03/05

Amy Toal 02/26

Lyle Worthington 02/26

Mark Free 02/26

Connie Banks 02/26

Lauren Larkins 02/26

Allie Adams 02/26

Jerry Link 02/12

Darren Rice 02/12

Bill Deisher 02/05

Tom Birkenstock 02/05

Josh Howard 01/29

Ben & Christine Pearson 01/15

Deb Meyers 01/08

Mark Blackman 12/18/22

Jane Jewell 12/18/22

Connie Banks 12/11/22

Jim Darrah 11/27/22

Mike Melton 11/27/22

Bonnie Mellany 11/20/22

Diana Ischer 10/30/22

Bob Darrah 10/23/22

Janice Daniels 09/18/22

Lauryn Strong 09/18/22

Dean Isher 09/11/22

Mary (Bobbi Coopers Sister) 09/11/22

Jim Leary 08/14/22

Colton Cazza 06/05/22

Lauren Larkins 06/05/22

Curt and Leisa Coburn 05/29/22

Mel Lynch 05/22/22

Mark Free 04/24/22

Bill Deisher 04/24/22

Jim Paris 04/10/22

Jeff Morrison 04/10/22

Mattie Murray 03/06/22

Cyndi Anthony 01/16/22

Johnny (Bobbie Cooper's Brother) 11/28/21

Jayne Fitzsimmons 11/28/21

Sylvia McKeown 08/22/21

Bary Stein 06/27/21

Russ Campbell 04/04/21

Christiana Griswold 01/31/21

Allie Adams 09/20/20

Our country and peace in our land

President Biden and elected officials

Those in the military and their families

Those doing Missionary work:

Danika Higgins Volz- CRU

Austin Ballard- IMPACT

Grace Hoffpauer- Mexico

Courtyard: Mary Ellen Kauzlarich

Legacy Estates: Evelyn Neal

If you have someone you would like on the prayer list, please contact an elder, or Mary Ann Free at 309-368-2674.

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